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As a brand generates a link with a person and can do so simply with the name, man used language to name everything on the planet.

The names are filled with meanings, not only the words but the concept of the same to create brands that endure and are remembered to pass their history.


POSITIONING: Is where we know the target audience, benefits, differences, mission, vision, brand values and personality that makes the brand unique and different.

VERVAL: We can find the naming architecture, the name, Descriptor, Brand Benefit and Tagline.

VISUAL: At this level we have the logo, symbol, color, shapes, paskaging, printed matter.

EXPERIENCIAL: We have what is focused on the internal and external customer, point of sale, website, after sales, customer service and sales process.

Domain search and digital positioning

Evaluate how easy it is to position your brand in the sector of your product or service, if there are many similar brands and names it is more viable to change the name.

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